July 24, 2013

The Blackberry Affair Tour

The Battle of Wapping Heights is also called the Battle of Manassas Gap, but it also had the folksy name of The Blackberry Affair. This was due to the temptation posed by local berries which actually delayed many soldiers who were unable to resist the fruit.

The battle took place 150 years ago but is not well known because it was dwarfed by the Battle of Gettysburg earlier that month. Yet it was the final battle of the Gettysburg Campaign, and the largest military engagement in Warren County (which happens to be where we live).

I've done many Civil War tours but was not familiar with this battle. Our tour leader was Patrick Ferris of the Warren Heritage Society in Front Royal, which is where we started the tour.

A planned stop at Morgan Ford was canceled due to high water on the Shenandoah so instead we went to Riverton to discuss the river crossings. From there we drove in a car caravan to Manassas Gap, stopping at several points around Linden.

If that marker in the first picture looks familiar, it might be because I wrote about it in December.

The outcome of the battle was basically that although there were 400 casualties, there was no clear victory. Most of the Lee's army slipped away during the night and made it back to the position they had occupied before they embarked on the unsuccessful campaign into Pennsylvania.


  1. 'the blackberry affair' - sounds romantic. not what i'd expect for war.

  2. I like the story behind the name. How interesting!

  3. I found this to be very interesting. I wasn't familiar with 'The Blackberry Affair'. We may be able to get to Front Royal later this year, so perhaps I can learn more about it.

  4. I'm not familair with that one either.

  5. From everything I have read about that war..... The soldiers were starving so I am sure the blackberries were a very welcome treat.

  6. Passeio também é cultura! bj


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