July 26, 2013

Metro Construction

When we took Marie to Dulles Airport I made the short drive from there to Tysons Corner. I had two items to return to LL Bean and figured I could try on a pair of pants there.

Tysons has had bad traffic for decades but I was not expecting it to be worse than it used to be during holiday shopping season. I forgot that Metro is being built there — finally! The subway should have gone there years ago, and now that it's being added, the construction is slowing traffic to a crawl.

I did find some pants that fit, at least. Same size as the pair I returned, totally different fit!


  1. At least, the 495 toll lane construction is finished, so the beltway by Tyson's was not clogged the last few trips I have made.

  2. slow moving traffic is not fun. hope it gets better.

  3. Lew, when we left I saw a sign to the toll lanes near the point where I took the picture and headed that way, figuring it was worth paying a toll to avoid the traffic jam. Luckily I found my way to 66 West without having to pay the toll! I was very pleased to escape the congestion.


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