June 28, 2013

This Evening's Sky, Front Royal

Thunderstorms missed us this afternoon but dark clouds came and went. This was the scene outside Cracker Barrel before dusk.


  1. As pretty as that it, it makes my belly roll. We had a huge storm tear through on Monday that knocked our power out. It just came back on Friday. It's been a very long, hot week here!

  2. I like the sun rays through the clouds. Beautiful shot!

  3. What a pretty rays....coming from SW..

  4. I love when the sun do that thing of rays through the clouds... A very nice picture indeed.

    Check out mine :


    It is something you won't see every day...

  5. Gorgeous sky. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  6. Those are ominous looking clouds. We had a huge rainstorm with hail here on Friday night.


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