June 9, 2013

Springtime Goslings

I take so many pictures; I don't get around to posting many of them. Here are some from April of the little Canada Geese in our yard. I did post some gosling pictures that I took right before that, but these are too cute to leave out.
I zoomed in to get these pictures. The parents hover close to the babies and lead them away if you try to approach them. Goose parents are very protective and the little ones respond by behaving very well.



  1. Wonderful photos, I love this happy family!

  2. Awww, they are so cute!! We have geese and goslings at a park near us but I can't get anywhere near enough to get a good look.

  3. Oh my, they are so adorable! I love this sight each year, though like Camille, I've not been able to get close enough for a good pic this year. So sweet!

  4. So fluffy and identical, you can't help loving them!

  5. aren't they just the cutest little things? I am glad you got to snap their picture.

  6. Aw, they're adorable. I bet they are fun to watch.


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