May 16, 2013

Trees, Sky, Contrails

I don't participate in many theme link-ups but I am trying to keep up with Skywatch Friday because I like photos of skies. I also participate in City Daily Photo.

Here we see another fine afternoon sky as seen from our yard. Jet planes have left their contrails to be erased by the breezes.


  1. Love the contrails! And have seen many of them on our trips on I81 to visit our relatives in NC and SC. I took a scroll back through your recent posts - some great photos and beautiful country down your way. "Sky lifts" was my name for the machines that can send you and 2 friends 65 feet towards the sky.

  2. Very beautiful photo for SWF,thank you for sharing!Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful Sky!Have a great weekend!


  4. Beautiful skywatch! Happy Skywatching!

  5. Glad you participate as your sharing is awesome.

  6. Lovely sky! Have a great weekend!


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