May 31, 2013

Six cents to go...

I'm a member of the Amazon Associates Program, which means I get a small credit whenever you buy something from Amazon through my website. Unfortunately, the profits have been really meager! Over the last 18 months my account has been credit with $9.94 (USD). That's pretty sad! But another six cents in commission and they will send me a gift certificate for ten bucks. Sigh!

And for that I have to keep a disclaimer on my website so readers know I might get something when I mention a book or other item that you can buy at Amazon. Do you think I should drop out of the program? This is a personal blog, not something that's designed to earn money.

In the meantime, here's a link to shopping for Father's Day:  Shop Amazon - Father's Day Shop. (You can also use it to buy other stuff.)


  1. I'd hang in there until I hit the $10 before canceling it. You're so close!

  2. I've always resisted opportunities to have such a link on my blog, but I agree that you should hang in there until you get that gift certificate.

  3. I used to have a link to Amazon on my side bar, but I got rid of it because it wasn't worth it.


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