April 9, 2013

The Grass is Greener

Our grass is turning greener.  

The temperatures have been all over the place this month — below freezing last week, in the 80's (Fahrenheit) this week. The birds don't seem to mind either way, but the air is filled with their singing. Yes, it's finally spring!


  1. we're up and down here in texas, too. 80 today. maybe 60 tomorrow.

  2. I noticed our grass is starting to come in greener too. It is about time we see some nice weatherr. We have had a loooonnnnngggg cold winter.

  3. Our weather is variable, hardly an insect or butterfly in sight.Love your picture of a Redstart, or at least it looks like one.

  4. Oh, so lovely! We are finally feeling more like Spring here too:)

  5. That's a cute little bird! We are finally getting warmer temperatures here too. We've had a lot of rain today, but that's part of spring also.

  6. it is a difficult tiem for the birds. It is too cold to start nesting. :( But they try. And sing. And make us happy.


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