April 7, 2013

Susan's Visit Comes to An End

Frank's youngest daughter is on her way back to Tacoma today. We certainly enjoyed her visit!
Yesterday I remarked to Frank that he was surrounded by educators! Dave teaches science, Allison works for Northern Virginia Community College, and Susan is a paraeducator in an elementary school.

Sue's college roommate and her husband came by yesterday afternoon. Sue attended GMU with them.


  1. glad you enjoyed all the company!

  2. Where is Sue a paraeducator? I live in Tacoma and teach special education in a neighboring scool district.

  3. OutlawGardener, Sue works at Naches Trail Elementary School.

  4. What a coincidence! I worked in the Bethel School District, where Sue Works, at Centennial Elementary, from 1989 - 1998. Before that, I substituted at most of the schools in the district includig Naches Trail. Small world!

  5. Some of my favorite people are educators. Sounds like you had a nice visit.


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