April 30, 2013

Picture Number 0001

I usually carry my old point-and-shoot camera with me in the car. It's light and focuses more reliably than my new Nikon. I've already sent the new one back for repair and may do so again. Come to think of it, the trusty old point-and-shoot had major problems when it was new also. I had to send it to Nikon twice just to get it to work at all!

Anyway, the images are numbered consecutively by the camera with a series of letters and a 4-digit number. When I transfer the images to my computer, I keep the numbers and change the letters to a word that relates to the subject or occasion so I can find it later on the computer.

The camera finally hit picture number 9999 and started over with number 0001. This is the image that happened to get assigned number 0001.
The final file name for this picture is 0001janneywaterford.jpg. I chose Janney for the last name of the man who built the house in the 1780's,  and I added Waterford because that's the name of the town.

Joseph Janney's ancestors were among the original settlers of Waterford, a quaint and charming town in Virginia. They were Quakers.


  1. You have quite the system for finding your pictures. Once I put a picture on my blog.... I delete most of them. One day I will probably be sorry.

  2. Glad I ran across your blog. Whatever camera you used the pictures are great. I stick with my little point and shoot for convenience. My spouse has the big expensive one to lug around...:)

  3. that's a cool upper porch. hope you have good luck with the other nikon.


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