April 20, 2013

Happy Creek in Front Royal

I don't know who named it Happy Creek but it's a pleasant name for a pretty creek that runs right through town. I took these pictures from Criser Road. Eventually the creek will join the Shenandoah River.


  1. My absolute dream is to have a property with a creek one day. The one in your photos is so beautiful.

  2. beautiful with the sunlight coming thru the trees.

  3. Happy Creek is a great name for this pretty creek. I really like your first picture with the light and shadow you've captured on the water.

  4. I would have thought that a wonderful place to play when I was a little girl. Great photos!

  5. I just love the sound of water rushing by. We used to have a camp with a little creek right out back. Loved sitting on the porch and listening to it. Beautiful Pictures!


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