April 15, 2013

Following by Email

A reader wrote that due to concerns that Google intends to discontinue Google Reader, she wanted to subscribe to the blog by email. At her suggestion I have added the Subscribe gadget at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to see it.

I hope Google changes the plan though. I like Google Reader!


  1. Following by email is one option. Other readers are out there though. Look into Feedly. That's that route I'll probably take.

  2. Right now, I have everyone on my blog roll to keep up with their blog posts... but I might have do change that soon too.

  3. I have switched over to Feedly. They transferred my links directly from Google Reader so it was easy to do. From what I've heard Google Reader will end as of July 1.

  4. the day they announced they were going to shut down google reader on july 1st, i switched to feedly. seamless transition (because they're synch'd right now) and just a few quirks to learn. they continue to make improvements each week, too.


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