March 5, 2013

TIps for Bloggers

One of the blogs I follow is the Run A Round Ranch Report and writer TexWisGirl recently shared some tips on blogging which I thought were very good. My favorite is #4, Less is More. She cautions us that "Music that plays automatically when a blog is opened, scrolling banners, intricate blog backgrounds, flashing gadgets, bells, animated animals, flowers, whatever, distract from your actual post, can delay page loads and cause resets, and can generally frustrate the heck out of your readers."

So true! Take a look at all six of her blogging tips.


  1. I follow her blog and she is a wise woman, also a close observer of birds and a terrific artist.

  2. She's a smart one. She's often been my go-to person when I have a blogging issue.

  3. I hate when I go on someones blog and a blast of music scares the heck out of me.

  4. THANK YOU for sharing that! truly appreciate it! i am honored. :)


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