March 17, 2013

The View from Guard Hill

Looking past the trees we see the bridge over the North Fork of the Shenandoah. I took this from the Elks Lodge parking area. In the distance are the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The name "Guard Hill" may be familiar to Civil War buffs. The hill was the site of significant action twice, the first time in 1862 as the Union Army abandoned Front Royal, attempting to burn the bridges behind them. I recently listened to an audiobook that covered this: The Battle of Front Royal, May 23, 1863 : Brother against Brother. It's available from Samuels Library or the Warren Heritage Society.

The Battle of Front Royal is also the topic of an upcoming one-day course at LFCC: "To retreat…would be certain death: The Battle of Front Royal."

In 1864 Guard Hill was the site of a cavalry battle which was I saw re-enacted in October 2007, albeit in a different location with different terrain.


  1. Yes, a beautiful place, great view! Nice photo.

  2. Very Beautiful and I can see why it is called Guard Hill.

  3. I really need to get to Front Royal to see some of the places I've read so much about. Your picture helps me visualize the area much better.

  4. I love the view here - I wish I were seeing it in person!

  5. What a view! The name "Blue Ridge" mountains seem so apt! Lovely.

  6. Thanks for the comments. I imagine this view will be much diminished when the trees leaf out, but this area has plenty of other views. Some are really spectacular!


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