March 23, 2013

Short Mountain Viewed through Trees

A Shenandoah Valley Scene in March
An advantage of winter is that you can see through the trees! This view will be very different once the leaves come out.

The mountain is Short Mountain in the Massanutten Range. I took this picture last week near New Market.


  1. What a beautiful shot. Looks like your winter is about over? I'm curious about the name. Is the Mountain really Short?

  2. Lovely photo! Oh for some clear weather the same!

  3. It is beautiful... but I am at a point where green would look wonderful.

  4. a nice shade of blue back there. :)

  5. Such a pretty view! I know it will be hidden when the leaves return, but I am so ready for spring to arrive. :D

  6. It's true Linda, I guess that's what makes each season so are surrounded by very beautiful scenery..

  7. So today it's snowing -- guess Spring weather is eluding us!

    Adele, I don't know why they call it Short Mountain. Perhaps because it ends abruptly at a pass? I read that it's 7 miles in length and sometimes called Seven Mile Mountain.


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