March 1, 2013

Red-bellied Woodpeckers

woodpeckerWhy call this a red-bellied woodpecker when it's most striking feature is that red stripe on it's head? Well, the name red-headed woodpecker was already taken, and this one does have red feathers on it's belly. See the pictures below for some less-common poses in which the belly is exposed.

I took all these photos in our yard but they are not all the same bird. Look at the forehead! The forehead on the male is red but not on the female. (I'm not an expert; I looked it up on

They're both beautiful, aren't they?


  1. I really like woodpeckers in general. We occasionally get a red bellied woodpecker, more frequently we get downy and sometimes hairy woodpeckers. I always thought the red bellies should actually be called redneck woodpeckers.

  2. very much so. i like these birds, alot. :)

  3. Beautiful shots of the Redbelly woodie. I love all the woodpeckers. Have a happy weekend!

  4. So neat to see the woodpecker this close. You got some great shots.

  5. I used to try to get pictures of the woodpeckers around our old place. Everytime I would open the door, they would fly. You do a GREAT job.

  6. Great photos! I guess I never realized there were some with red bellies. I thought they just had red heads!

  7. They are both very beautiful. I used to sit with my book and watch all the birds coming and going. At one point, I could name them all.

  8. You did a good job of showing the red bellies of this woodpecker. We have a Red Bellied Woodpecker that comes to our feeders on a regular basis as well.

  9. Lovely captures!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And thanks for visiting one month ago. Sorry for being late to visit you!

    Have a nice weekend****


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