March 16, 2013

Puppy Prozac

Our cocker spaniel, Benny, got exceptionally grumpy a couple of weeks ago, barking loudly with no provocation. We took him to the vet and all she found was that he had lost four pounds. He was still eating with enthusiasm so we increased the amount of kibble that we give him. He gained a little of the weight back but his disposition only got worse. One day he tried to bite my foot!

I called a trainer I know. She referred me to another trainer who sometimes works with aggressive dogs. Both of them suggested we consider getting the dog on Prozac!

I called the vet again and she was reluctant at first because antidepressants have side effects. After further discussion she agreed to a trial of the drug. That was a week ago. Within a few days the dog seemed calmer. In a week he was calmer than he has been in a month!

I'm hopeful that he'll stay that way. At least with this respite from scary behavior we can observe him to see if any health problems turn up. The vet said to watch for signs of seizures since that might explain his recent erratic behaviors.

Ben is around 10 years old and has always seemed a bit anxious. In the past he was sometimes aggressive to strangers who came in the house but that's not unusual for dogs. He also became mean on several occasions when he was in pain, and actually bit me when he was slightly hurt.  Even though he's not the friendliest dog, we are fond of him and want him to well and happy.


  1. oh, dear. that is worrisome! i hope he will do well on the medication.

  2. I hope the prozac helps Bennie without any worrisome side effects.

  3. Oh my that is a grumpy face in the first shot :) grumpy and cute at the same time, I hope his disposition perks up soon.

  4. Aw, I hope the medication works out for him. The pets I've owned have always been a part of the family. It's hard when they have health or behavior issues.


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