March 29, 2013

Lake Front Royal

Lake Front Royal is a lake and a subdivision along U.S. Route 522 south of the town of Front Royal, Virginia. Across the road is the National Zoo's Conservation Biology Institute.

 Postscript: I almost forgot it's Friday, so it's Skywatch Day.


  1. What lovely skies and water!

  2. We live on a small lake kind of like this one.

  3.   Wonderful photo, beautiful landscape.

  4. Linda

    Theme Day for the City Daily Photo community is upon us. The theme this month is 'pedestrians crossing'. The linky opens on 31st March and closes on 4th April. It can be found here

    As a CDP member, and a regular daily contributor to the CDP FaceBook group, we urge you to contribute a post to our Monthly Theme Day which was first held in April 2006.

    Open your blog up to our wider community. Share the delights of your 'city' with other CDP members. Join in with Theme Day, 'Pedestrians crossing'.

  5. Water and blue sky, a perfect treat!


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