March 10, 2013

A Window in Warrenton

In Warrenton, Virginia
When I was a child we drove past the town of Warrenton numerous times on the way to (or from) Shenandoah National Park. We basically stayed north and west of town and did not venture into the historic district. But we missed a lovely and quaint part of town! It's worth a visit for the history or even to shop in charming downtown Warrenton.

It is is the county seat of Fauquier County, Virginia.


  1. I love little historical towns. And my camera loves them too. :)

  2. The spectacular view from the window of remembrance Warrenton.

  3. What a pretty fern in front of that window and the veiw is beautiful.

  4. That's a pretty view through the window. :)


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