February 23, 2013

Neanderthal Ancestry

According to my Geno 2.0 profile, I am 2.1% Neanderthal. This statement would have been unthinkable a decade ago, before the Neanderthal genes were identified and found in all modern humans except for those in Africa (or recently from there).

Even the Neanderthal's had African origins but their ancestors apparently left that continent around 300,000 years ago. Read Decoding and Rethinking Neanderthals for more of what scholars are saying about this.

I don't mind being part Neanderthal! For a long time I have been skeptical of the idea that Neanderthal's  were stupid brutes because that theory so neatly fits the typical model of ethnocentrism. Every group likes to think they are superior but obviously not every group is. More likely no group is! We need to open our hearts and be humble.


  1. I agree. For more speculation on Neanderthal - modern human connections see The Silk Code

  2. Interestingly, ever not to think about it before. Although I know my ancestors from 1653 years of genealogical material collected by

  3. I have never followed my ancestors back. My Aunt did to a point and found Blackfoot Indian blood line. But other than that, I know nothing.

  4. In my opinion modern humans have absolutely no cause to look down on the Neanderthals, or anybody else for that matter.

  5. I would love to to a family tree someday.

  6. This is a fascinating post! I watch a lot of science programs and was aware that they had isolated the Neanderthal gene and that it is found in very few people...and that it's nothing to be ashamed of. They are learning all the time that Neanderthals were actually more sophisticated than they once thought, also more widespread. As a Christian I disagree with their suppositions (and timelines, but that's another story)that our origins are in Africa. Every time they find a fossil older than the last, that's where we "came" from. It's silly to do this because there are probably millions of fossils out there that still have to dug up, and no telling WHERE they will be found. Frankly, I take the Bible at its word, and know we came from Eden (or actually East of Eden) which is believed to be in the Middle East, not far from Israel and present day Egypt. Science is real big now on going with the "concensus" instead of finding proof for their suppositions. Proof, like DNA I get excited about it. Glad you are part Neanderthal! How much did it cost to have that testing done? I would love to know myself what my DNA makeup is!

  7. Marie, the National Geographic Geno project costs $199 USD. They send you a kit to send back.

    It's not cheap but I figure my results are useful to my children and my sister.

    Info: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/about/


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