February 12, 2013

From an Old Album: Fishing

This is an old photo of my daughters on a fishing expedition. Marie (holding the string of fish) really dislikes fishing but she was a good sport. Lynn is holding a net with a turtle in it and the youngster behind them is our neighbor Ernie.

The girls' dad liked to fish. I found it boring but that's partly because I had no talent for catching fish.


  1. That's one big fish. I sure like the look on her face holding it.

  2. Love the expression on both girls' faces! Also, thank you for comment on my post today re. the question of the burial of Union soldiers in the South!

  3. Great photo and catch.
    I love looking at old photos :)
    I too get bored at fishing oh unless we are catching some than that is a different story...

  4. Look at those girls!! LOL Very cute.


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