February 5, 2013

An Old Pic of an Old Car

...and an old-style rail fence.
I took this picture many years ago at Manassas Battlefield. I have no idea why someone had an antique car out on a snowy day but I like the way it looks next to the split-rail fence.


  1. Very interesting photography.
    With best wishes for

  2. Split rail fences are really nice. We had a few still in place when I was growing up. I thought they were so much nicer and more humane than wire fences or barbed wire fencing or even electric fences that deliver a powerful shock to animals who touch it.

  3. Neat picture! I grew up in Manassas, and ran on the battlefield many times.

  4. Very cool photo! Love that fence and vintage car..

  5. That is a great picture! Looks like it came from an old movie.

  6. I really like the 'old time' feel of this photo. Very well done.


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