January 29, 2013

Winter Trees with Vulture

I was attracted to this scene of bare trees on a hill in Rockland (near Front Royal) so I walked closer to get a photograph. The bird flew into the scene as if posing. I think he's a turkey vulture.


  1. Hi, great photography, especially the second.
    With best wishes for

  2. I love your first shot. The bird flying in is perfect!

  3. Yes, interesting, I like the composition you've created with these beautiful trees bare, beautiful photos.

  4. These are neat pictures. I guess the bird likes having his picture taken.

  5. You did a great job capturing that vulture. Every time I go to take a pic of a bird..... I never seem to catch it right.

  6. It does seem as if he's posing for you. Great shots.


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