January 16, 2013

The View from the Tunnel Overlook

mountain view
Looking East from Mary's Rock Tunnel Overlook

By the time we drove up the mountain on U.S. 211 the clouds had thickened and I didn't know if there would be much worth seeing. After all, it was January and Skyline Drive had just reopened after being closed for snow since Christmas. But temperatures in the 60's were calling me to visit the great outdoors and I stopped at the first overlook after reaching the park.

Wow! We were above the clouds and they looked dreamy, floating between the mountain ridges, hiding and revealing patterns that you don't see on a clear day. I was glad we came.


  1. When I see photos like the first one, it always make the think of water moving in the ocean. Crazy, huh?

  2. those wispy clouds cradled there are so pretty!

  3. Wow. You are way above the clouds. Very pretty.

  4. Lovely blues in that photo. Nice shot!

  5. That first shot is so beautiful and dreamy.

  6. I've always loved driving above the clouds in the mountains. Sometimes we drive right through clouds and it's like a deep fog that comes and goes. Very quiet and mysterious!


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