January 8, 2013

The View from Panorama Overlook

Near Berkeley Springs, WV

If you drive west from Berkeley Springs on Route 9 you'll come to a restaurant on the left facing this great view on the right. There are two interpretive signs there. This one tells the story of the "Engagement at Great Cacapon" in January 1862, when Confederate soldiers under General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson destroyed parts of the B&O Railroad while Federal troops struggled to protect it.


  1. Your blog is a real history book. It helps you not only know the history, but also the amazing natural beauty. / Jūsų dienoraštis tikras istorijos vadovėlis. Padeda pažinti netik Jūsų krašto istorija, bet ir nuostabu gamtos grožį

  2. I love these information posts along the countryside. I learn so much about the history of a country and they make the view even more significant.

  3. I learn so much every time I come to your blog. Plus you show me some great photos!!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I love the "story" part of history and the way it makes travel more interesting.


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