January 23, 2013

The Falls of Falling Waters

Falling Waters, WV


Not to be confused with Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, the small town of Falling Waters is just north of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

I'd seen the sign for Falling Waters on Interstate 81 and wondered about the name. When I learned that there was a Civil War battle there, I decided to look it up.

At first it did not sound like a place worth driving to. The battlefield has not been preserved in a way that would make sense without a guide, and until recently there were very few historical markers. But there was a battlefield group working on improvements. Eventually some Civil War Trails markers went up and I put the area on my list of places to visit.

This past weekend provided us some mild weather that I did not want to waste by staying indoors, so I looked up the sign locations on Historical Markers Database.

I was pleased to see a photo of a waterfall and a note that it is "located just south of the marker." When we got there we found another sign as well indicating the presence of the falls, which we could already hear below us. The path there is steep but very short. I would not take it on an icy day; however, you could slip and end up in the river!


  1. I'm hoping to be able to find some type of waterfall soon, maybe when hubby retires and the sun stays out a little longer. You seem to get out often, to have so many photo opportunities.

  2. Lovely shots - it has been ages since I last saw a waterfall!

  3. Love the waterfall shot! x

  4. Beautiful photos, I like that waterfall

  5. I could sit for hours and watch water fall.... Not in this weather though. I am a warm weather kind of girl.

  6. Lovely waterfalls.
    Wish you a nice weekend.
    From Hilda

  7. It looks pretty and peaceful there.

  8. The falls are beautiful Unfortunately there is crazy man there. I don't if he owns the property but, when I went with my children .He was spraying chemical on the growth that's above the small creek where the water fall lands and started yelling at us saying that we were in private property and that we were trespassing and accused us of stealing some signs I explained that that was our first time there but he kept yelling I have seen you next time I calling the cops .My 8 and 6 year old kept asking why is he yelling at us ?is going to hurt us?I putting this info out because it was a frightening ordeal and if you do choose to go see the beautiful waterfall watch for that crazy man..


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