January 26, 2013

Is Dreamweaver Worth the Cost?

I've used Dreamweaver for years but I can't decide whether to purchase the upgrade. My old version is not designed for mobile browsers so I downloaded a trial of CS6. This is the last day of the free trial and I must admit I barely scratched the surface because I am not trained in the new features. I learned HTML back in the 90's and I don't even understand all the new rules. 

With the trial version, I updated two pages in my Civil War Field Trips site but did not even get into the mobile-browser changes. My site is heavy in tables and it's too big to change. I also updated my Shenandoah links page. It now works okay on our iPad. 

I don't need Dreamweaver for blogging but I do maintain several other websites. If you create websites or code in HTML, what tools do you use?


  1. Hi Linda,
    I don't know much about IT, I blog using blogspot/blogger as platform I just write and put photos.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I know zero about that kind of thing. Maybe less than zero.

  3. Definitely a huge icicles, Lynn is trapped.


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