January 11, 2013

Gray Goose, New Filter

I upgraded Photoshop to CS6 from CS4 because there was a deadline for doing so by the end of December. The newer version has some improvements; whether they are worth the price remains to be discovered. I'm still learning the features.

I found a filter that I didn't have in CS4: the oil paint filter. It adds a brush stroke texture to imitate (what else) an oil painting. I tried it out on this photo of a goose and I liked it in the large version that I was viewing. However, I thought the effect might be hard to discern after I shrunk the image for posting here so I added a poster edge on a duplicate layer and then slid the transparency down to where it wasn't overly "edged."

What do you think?


  1. That nice picture, excellent capture, that got gorgeous plumage.

  2. Love the texture you filter gave to the picture. Wow, they have come up with so many new devices. I can remember the cameras from my childhood and they are sure nothing like what we see today.

  3. I like it! Great picture! It's fun to play around with filters and other image enhancers to see how it changes things.

  4. Very nice effect! I really have to learn more about this program :)

  5. Most times I downsize the shot before I apply those filters. The strokes is more visible then.

  6. I think you did a great job with this image. It really does look like a painting.


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