January 31, 2013

Churches of Rockland

Old Methodist Church

Rockland Community Church
We saw these churches on Rockland Road in Warren County. The older one is no longer used but a page on it's history tells us that land was deeded for it in 1891. In 1948 the church members joined with the members of the town's Baptist Church to form the nondenominational Community Church.

Rockland is an unincorporated community north of Front Royal, Virginia.


  1. The Old Methodist Church buildng reminds me of one of my favorite pieces of choral music "The Old Church" by Stephen Paulus. Here are the lyrics:

    The old church leans nearby a well-worn road
    Upon a hill that has no grass or tree,
    The winds from off the prairie now unload
    The dust they bring around it fitfully.
    The path that leads up to the open door
    Is worn and grayed by many toiling feet
    Of us who listen to the Bible lore
    And once again the old-time hymns repeat.

    And every Sabbath morning we are still
    Returning to the altar waiting there.
    A hush, a prayer, a pause, and voices fill
    The Master's House with a triumphant air.

    The old church leans awry and looks quite odd,
    But it is beautiful to us, and God.

    --"The Old Church" by Della B. Vik
    Here's a link to a performance if you'd like to listen.


  2. I enjoyed these photos of the churches as well as the old school in the previous post. It's nice to see that the school has been given a new lease on life. It would be great if the old church also found a new use.

  3. Lovely pictures of the old churches. They seem like peaceful spots.


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