January 2, 2013

A View from Double Church Road

Near Stephens City, VA

Sometimes I like to try a different road just to see different views and find out where the road goes exactly.
I'd checked out Double Church Road on the map a couple of months ago and I knew it would take us from Martins Supermarket to a road that went to Front Royal, so when we left Martins the other day I went straight on Double Church Road instead of turning left on Fairfax Pike to go home.

The sun was low in the sky and soon I was looking for a spot to pull off and take a picture of a snow scene at sunset. And there it was! A church is often a good place to stop along the road. No one seems to mind and many churches here are on hills and offer pleasant views.
I think this is one of the churches that the road is named for. A second church is nearby.

The view to the west offers a typical Shenandoah valley scene, just right for my sunset picture.


  1. Beautiful photography, especially in the second

  2. Love the church but it sure does look cold out there.

  3. beautiful! i always seem to pull into church parking lots too when i'm out and about to get some pictures!

  4. Really stunning with the snow at sunset. That was a great detour.

  5. Belas fotos! O frio aperta por esse lado. Um abraço de Portugal.
    Maria Emília


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