December 28, 2012

When Your Birthday Is Near Christmas

I know how it feels to have a birthday near Christmas because I was born in December. Some people give you combination gifts (which don't always equal two gifts), and your birthday party gets lost in the season.

Frank's birthday is even closer to Christmas than mine, and even worse, it's after the holiday. When he was a child he sometimes got the pawed-over marked-down toys that were left in the store on the 26th or 27th. So I guess we both felt a bit shortchanged by having birthdays in the holiday season.

But that's behind us, isn't it? Anyway, happy birthday to Frank!


  1. And, happy birthday to Dora F-D (the 28th), cousin Kurt (aka Curt)(the 29th, I think), and nephew Aaron (the 25th)!

  2. And to brother Rick, of course (the 30th).


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