December 16, 2012

Shenandoah Pulp Factory

These pictures are from our October visit to Harpers Ferry, WV. These ruins are on Virginius Island just outside of the old town.

Here's what the sign tells us about he old pulp factory:
In 1877-1888, on the former site of the Shenandoah Canal's lower locks, Thomas Savery erected this large mill to provide wood pulp for the paper industry.

Ten turbines, arranged in pairs in the mill's five massive sluiceways, powered wood grinders, rolling machines, and other pulp-making machinery. By the 1920's, Savery's mill had the capacity to produce 15 tons of ground wood pulp daily.

After several unprofitable years, the mill closed in 1935. Within a year the building was destroyed by the record flood of 1936.

Its ruins reveal the last remnant of water-powered industry in Harpers Ferry.



  1. ruins fascinate me!
    it gets you wondering what's the former structure looked like etc

  2. We were in Harpers Ferry in October too! We didn't make it there though.

  3. My Hubs just said yesterday that on our way to Tunica, we would be going through WV so I need to see if this is near where we will be passing. I would love to see it in person.

  4. Seems they closed shop just in time! Nice pictures of the ruins.

  5. Harpers Ferry is a wonderful place to visit. If history is not your thing, the scenery is still stunning, and there's hiking and river sports.

  6. gorgeous place and well photographed. :)


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