December 3, 2012

Our Christmas Kitchen a Decade Ago

Frank likes to decorate for the holidays! Back when we lived in Montclair, he decorated all the windows. Doesn't it look Christmassy?


  1. Very nicely decorated!! Our tree is up and also decorated,and I have a smaller one in the kitchen, after all, one spends so much time there at Christmas.:)

    Who will be decorating your kitchen this year?

  2. I've put some holiday stickers on the window so far -- gel stickers of a happy penguin and some snowflakes. I discourage Frank from using spray snow now because it makes me cough!

  3. Looks very festive!! I haven't put any decorations up yet.

  4. It does!!! Wish I could decorate the entire house for Christmas, but there's just not enough time. At least I have the tree up now. :)


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