December 5, 2012

Nice Weather for a Walk

Geese, Lake, and Signal Knob

We've had some unusually warm days for December, so it's nice to get outdoors. On this walk, Frank and I got to enjoy the view and the dogs seemed to enjoy the sunshine and the various scents as they walked around the lake.


  1. Great place for dog walking, beautiful views and level too.

  2. oh lucky you! That looks gorgeous for Dec - better than my covering of frost!
    Enjoy those days, they are precious xx

  3. Gorgeous photos, wonderful place to stroll.

  4. beautiful...yes, the weather has been gorgeous...nice to see the pooches got to enjoy it too!

  5. It has been beautiful this week! Sadly, one of the boys has been sick so I haven't been able to get out to enjoy it.

  6. We've been enjoying the warm weather as well. You've got some beautiful scenery for your walks.

    Thank you for visiting my site.

  7. Beautiful weather for a walk and today isn't so bad either.

  8. You do have some spectacular views.


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