December 19, 2012

New Birdhouses

A few days ago I spotted a display of birdhouses for sale on the hood of a truck in Strasburg. I persuaded Frank to buy one from the gentleman who was selling them, who is also the craftsman who makes them.

We picked out a brown one although it turned out that Frank had already bought a birdhouse for my birthday, a metal one made to look like an owl.

We can use multiple birdhouses because we have a large yard.


  1. Hooray for new birdhouses! I hope you get tennants this spring!

  2. Yes, it seems very interesting store houses.

  3. Oh Wow!! He makes some high class bird houses there and I love your owl one too!!

  4. Obviously, Frank was on-target with his birthday gift! So nice that you ended up with two perfect gifts.

  5. What a wonderful husband, I love that owl feeder, very unusual and soooo cute!

  6. that´s great birdhosues. Look very nice as I can see all of them. :)


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