December 13, 2012

Ben Looks Fancy

Yesterday we took Benny to Grandy Grooming so that he would be clean and attractive for the holidays. I decided to get him a cocker cut for the first time since he was a puppy. Usually he has a buzz-cut ("puppy cut") with his ears kept long, but it's winter so I thought he might need a little warmth from his fur. 

Ben does not like getting groomed and Janet has called him a "tiger." When I picked him up and said "I hope he wasn't too bad," she said he was terrible! Which I'm sure he was! He has a ferocious way of barking when he is angry (or even scared) that strikes terror into anyone within striking distance.

At least he looks handsome now.


  1. He is very handsome! I hope he is happy with his new "do," and will forgive those who have "wronged" him! :)

  2. He seems to have gotten over the trauma, Adele. He's like my husband in that he gets upset and loud but gets over it quickly!


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