December 26, 2012

A [Barely] White Christmas

We had snow on Christmas Eve, just enough to cover the ground. It was nice to look out the window on Christmas morning and see a frosting of snow!

Last night we had more snow, but those pictures will wait for another post.


  1. Just started snowing again here... in no time our ground was covered. Suppose to get really bad.

  2. beautiful..

    we are hoping for some sunshine here in Sydney today, was a very wet and thundery Christmas day.

  3. Good evening, what an amazing photo. The real Christmas. We had a lot of snow. The warm weather has brought a wave of rain. Snow began to melt.

  4. Must have been great to have the white scenery over Christmas.

  5. Beautiful! How nice to have a kind of white Christmas.

  6. Yes, it was nice to see the snow. Now I'm ready for warm weather! If it were up to me, we'd have light snow for Christmas and maybe New Years Day and that would be it for winter!


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