November 16, 2012

Three More Pictures from Our Yard

These are leftover images from October. I still have more photos from that month to post; October was a busy month and a photogenic time of year.

The crane in the first picture is not real; it's a yard decoration that I talked Frank into buying for me. Of course, the squirrel is not real either.

Our back yard looks out upon a small lake, providing us with a variety of views to enjoy.  

Sassafras Leaves, Lakeside


  1. Oh my, those trees are filled with medicinal benefits. I have heard but don't know what you do to make them useful.

  2. Yes Abe, but the use of sassafras is generally discouraged today because there are fears that large amounts are bad for your liver, I believe. The bark was used to make tea. I know the twigs smell nice.


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