November 28, 2012

Living History at Thoburn's Redoubt

These re-enactors were out in the cold on Saturday at the site of Thoburn's Redoubt. We had a little trouble finding them at first, although I knew approximately where the site was along Bowman's Mill Road. Few onlookers were there; perhaps because it was Thanksgiving weekend and the day was windy. Cedar Creek Battlefield had a few events going on and I chose this one because I've only been to that particular site once before even though it's not far from Strasburg.

These hardy men are part of the 10th Virginia, a unit I've run into before because they are very active participants in history events in the Shenandoah Valley.

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  1. An interesting event. Dramatization of historical events is always instructive

  2. Interesting, I love historical reenactments.

  3. Oh how cool you get to see this. I would love to visit here.

  4. We have a lot of historical places in the Shenandoah Valley -- you should come see some of them! The scenery is spectacular!


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