November 14, 2012

Inside Dulles at Night

I grabbed a couple of snapshots inside the terminal at IAD. The first picture has a distinctly green cast from the lights, which I assume were fluorescent. I filtered out a little of the green in Photoshop and left the rest for effect.

This is the final picture from out trip to Washington state. (Hmm, we flew from Washington to Washington!)  It took me three weeks to finish posting the images from the short trip, but in my defense I interrupted the series for other subjects plus I was using an aging laptop that kept slowing down. Now I have a new Macbook so my production speed should improve. 


  1. It's been fun following your travels, so nice to see all these other places. I had to look up Washington to Washington! I understand, lol.

  2. Yes, that's Washington state to Washington, DC.

    And we also have a small town called Washington here in Virginia.


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