October 1, 2012

We Interrupt this Travelogue...

Here is is the first of October and again I marvel at how fast time seems to pass. For the past two weeks I've been posting photos of our trip to New Jersey and we were only there for a two days! Next I'll be posting some pictures of the beach part of the trip on the Delmarva Peninsula. But first I'll take a minute to update you on things in Virginia.

Some of the trees are changing color already. Any day between now and late October is a great time to visit the mountain-valley region of Virginia. Autumn is a wondrous season here.

The photo is of Passage Creek, a short drive from our home.

My Previous Posts about Passage Creek include:


  1. Gorgeous! You live in a beautiful location x

  2. Thanks, Pat. Yes, I am reminded whenever I leave the house that we live in a beautiful area.


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