October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Peggy!

It's my sister's birthday. Here's a picture from a long time ago when she was learning to ride a bike. I took this with my first camera. (I was ten.)
Peggy and Our Mom, Eleanor Suiter


  1. Thanks for posting this - it makes me smile!
    But wait, I was older than 5 when this photo was taken -- I'm thinking 7 or so. Or else I was a very tall, well-coordinated 5 year old. (And I don't remember being either one.)

  2. The photo is not dated, so it may be later. It appears before some 1958 pictures in the album.

    You were well coordinated though, and learned to ride at an age earlier than I did. The home movies show you learning, don't they? Guess there's no date there either.


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