October 30, 2012

Group with a Lion

Frank, Susan Doug, Josie, Lion, and Ryley

As you can see, we got rained upon in the corn maze. Shortly after this photo op, the kids and I expressed our desire to get out of the rain. Fortunately Sue was able to make sense of the map and led us out of there.


  1. The lion doesn't seem to mind the rain though...lol.

  2. Thanks for the info on VDOT. I had forgotten about it. Am going to go there now and see what is closed. It is 4, and I am up with a headache. Things look OK outside though we are getting a lot of rain now. Am wondering what the creek will be like at daybreak. The power surged on and off 2 times last night and I thought it was gone for sure, but it is still on :-) My niece in DC lost hers about 8 last night. Glad you all got to the maze before the weather turned so sour. The picture are so cute. genie

  3. Yes, lots of rain here! Great picture.

  4. Thanks for your comments, ladies. Genie, glad to help... Someone posted the VDOT link on Facebook which reminded me to check it out. Lots of roads closed in Virginia today. We are staying home.


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