September 18, 2012

Blog Post #3500

I've been blogging for seven years, a long time in the blogosphere. When I started it was the hot new thing to do; now it's almost passé. Most social networking is done on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, and cell phones have made sharing your photos and ideas fast and easy on these sites. Yet I'm still here.

Blogger is easy to use and I'm still getting over 100 page-views a day, while building a personal diary of sorts which I print annually via Blog2Print. A benefit of preparing a daily blog post is that it keeps me motivated to edit my photographs and gives me an excuse to use Photoshop, which I enjoy.

I'm on Facebook too but I don't post to the public there. I see that as a more personal platform where I'm sharing with family and friends. Blogger is for anyone in the whole world to see, so I've pretty much stayed to topics of wide interest and pictures of wide appeal. Sometimes I publish information on something that I've seen that's hard to find on the web, like my stories on Bird Haven or the old postcard I inherited picturing the Old Soldier Fiddlers. People find these stories via search engines and occasionally they send comments or requests to reprint a picture. It's fun hearing from people so please don't hesitate to comment!

And thank you for visiting this blog!

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