September 26, 2012

A Few Notes on Hotels

In Millville, which is near Vineland, we stayed at Holiday Inn Express. It was not my first choice, which was Country Inn and Suites next to WheatonArts, but which did not have a suite available for both nights. The Holiday Inn was adequate, although other guests were noisy and the first room we were assigned had an overwhelming smell of tobacco.

Frank was pleased to find extra reading lights next to the bed. 
I'm including a photo of the "kitchen" in our suite because it's not really a usable kitchen. Actually, the room isn't really a suite to my way of thinking. The privacy wall between the sofabed and the large bed is only about 30 inches tall.

The hotel is next to a shopping mall. 

After two nights in New Jersey, we traveled to Lewes and Rehoboth, Delaware. I made reservations using our iPad while on the ferry. The Heritage Inn looked like a nice place and offered a good deal online. 
It was very quiet because we arrived on a Sunday after beach season had ended. The location reminded me of the place we had just left: just off the main road, close to Bob Evans and various stores including Walmart.  We only stayed one night but I would not mind staying there again.

Both hotels had friendly staff and were attractively furnished.

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