July 5, 2012

Suiter Matrimony, 1908

One of the things I unpacked from our recent move was this marriage certificate from my father's parents, Charles Leslie Suiter and Leora Morton. They married in April 1908 in Hadley, Michigan.

The close-up shows you some details. Pastor C. W. Barnum of the Methodist Church married them, and witnesses were Cassius and Jennie Hodgson.

All Rights Reserved, L. Walcroft

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  1. Wow! I have the exact same certificate. I bought it in a gift shop when we were engaged. Of course mine was not filled in. It is a reproduction print. We had our attendants and pastor sign it and had it matted and framed and it hangs on our bedroom wall.

  2. Carol, That's amazing. Thanks for letting us know.


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