July 15, 2012

Parade in Stephens City (Encore)

We went to the Newtown Heritage Parade in 2008 and decided to go again this year. Below is a brief video of some parade highlights.

Before I built the video, I looked up "fair use" information to figure out if I'm violating any copyrights. Since the band music is heard in excerpts as part of a report on the parade and does not compete with any commercial uses, I'm sure this falls under "fair use." (Posting an entire music video would not fall into that category.)

If you'd like to see more about Stephens City's celebrations of history, see all my Newtown posts. (Newtown was once the name of Stephens City.) You might also want to view pictures of this parade in May 2008 and a short video of the Sherando High School Band in that parade.

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