June 20, 2012

Post Number 3406

I missed a blog anniversary! Post 3400 came and went without notice while I was busy documenting our visit to Hoover's Rapidan Camp.

I've made a tradition of spotlighting every hundredth post, but this will have to do. We've been busy getting settled in our lakeside home, but the move itself was very stressful and the house and yard needed repairs. The repairs have not gone smoothly and each step toward fixing something seemed to uncover another problem. (Right now we have no running water in the kitchen!) Meanwhile we are both getting older and the extra work required has made it impossible to ignore the limitations imposed by aging.

Yes, I ache and feel weak! Perhaps it is not just due to aging, I don't know yet. I've been to a physical therapist and she prescribed some exercises to strengthen my knees. I hope this helps because I'm not ready to give up walking!

Meanwhile my food allergies seem to be increasing, although my digestion has improved overall since taking prescriptions for parasites, using melatonin to fight reflux, and just about giving up coffee and corn. But now I am practically out of options for eating breakfast in restaurants, which makes travel unappealing. Who wants to choose between going hungry and getting sick?

Still, I am fortunate because I don't seem to have any life-threatening allergies. And when I really think about it, I am lucky because I am not starving from poverty. Guess I should go over to The Hunger Site and "click" and feel grateful that I live in relative luxury compared to what many people endure.

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