June 1, 2012

It's June Already!

 Well, May went by quickly. We've been very busy getting settled in the lake house, although we took a few breaks for sightseeing. Most of my late May posts here have been about the Civil War Field Trips that took up three days in May.

We did have time to host two visits: one from Allison and Dave and one from Peggy and Bill. We took both parties for a walk around the lake, which is not too large to stroll around easily.

Today we expected four visitors and got none! A Comcast repair person just didn't show up; a handyman did the same. A guy who repairs air conditioning said he probably wouldn't make it so that wasn't a big deal, and a friend who planned to drop by called instead and said she wouldn't make it. So it was a disappointing day, kind of strange.

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