May 23, 2012

Visitor Center at Chimborazo Park

Our Richmond tour began at Chimborazo Medical Museum and Visitors Center, also headquarters for Richmond National Battlefield Park. The museum is definitely worth a visit, as is the pleasant surrounding park.

The interpretative sign provides a brief history of Chimborazo Hospital. It starts out:
On this 40-acre plateau the Confederates built Chimborazo Hospital, one of the largest and best-known Civil War military hospitals: 78,000 sick and wounded Confederate soldiers passed through the hospital from 1861-1865. Chimborazo’s neat rows of buildings enhanced ventilation and served as a model for many postwar hospitals. None of Chimborazo's 150 wooden structures exists today.


  1. You are lucky to be able to visit such memorable place.

  2. Yes, I am. Thanks for commenting.


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