May 9, 2012

Recalled: Our Dogs' Favorite Food

Recalls seem to happen all the time so I shouldn't have been surprised when some Natural Balance pet foods were recalled. I checked the pull date on the one bag we had and it was not one that was recalled. But this morning I used it up, and when I went to Petco to buy more, there were no bags of Sweet Potato and Venison on the shelf. I asked a clerk and found out the store had pulled all the recalled varieties regardless of pull dates. This was bad news! Benny is sensitive to changes in his diet, and Flash needs a food that does not contain chicken. (Like my late-great dog Guppy, he tends to have seizures if he eats chicken.) The store manager tried to help me find another venison-flavored food, but the ones we checked contained some chicken as an ingredient, often as poultry fat. I wound up going back to the half-bare Natural Balance shelf and buying the Sweet Potato and Fish formula.

I fed it to them tonight and Benny seemed to have some digestive upsets with the change, barking and pacing until we took him out for two extra potty breaks. He should adjust within a couple of days.

I should mention that NO Natural Balance foods have been found to actually contain salmonella. They were recalled as a precaution because some were made in the same plant as the Diamond Pet Food that tested positive for salmonella.


  1. Poor lil one. I am sure the store will have a new shipment in soon.

  2. Yesterday we found some at Sylvia's Pets in Harrisonburg. :-)


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